The Secret Of Happiness

The Secret of Happiness, by Vikram Suryawanshi

I know that you are reading this and that means you got a decent phone, a laptop or a PC with internet facility. I would like to tell you that there are many people who can’t even afford their daily bread. But you are fortunate than all of them. If you can read this; you have eyes, the most precious gift that god gave you. Everyone is not as lucky as you. There are hundreds of things by which I can prove that you are blessed with fortune. And the cool thing is even you know most of them. But have you felt happiness because of the things you already have? When you get upset, does these things makes you feel better?

I think the answer is ‘NO’. When you see a person who has a better phone than you, you get sad. And this feeling is more than the feeling, you get after watching a person with no phone. That means it doesn’t matter what we have, we will always focus on what we don’t have.

It is Good that you don’t have Everything

“When I get 5000 bucks for shopping I really get happy. Now suppose, if I would have born in one of the richest families, do you think 5000 bucks could have made me happy?”

I feel good with some money only because I don’t have it. So the things I don’t have today, will make me happy when I get them. If you feel that you are unlucky after watching a person with a better phone, that gives you one more reason to be happy tomorrow. If you don’t have everything you want, you can be a happier person.

People Makes you Happy

But you can’t be happiness alone. You need the people you love with you to share your happiness. If you are alone and even if you have everything, you will not have contentment. For instance, suppose there is an island which has everything that money can buy. Everything that a person dreams to have. A bungalow, favorite cars, best bikes, the most delicious food to eat, mountains to climb, swimming pools, games, everything but no ‘other person’. You don’t have any human being with you on that island. Can you imagine yourself as a happy person now?

I know you are a part of a race, and you want to win it. But what is the point if you don’t have your loved ones to celebrate with you at the finish line. If you fall you need your friends to hold you up. You need people around you for everything. If you have good bikes then you need to brag about it, if you have best chocolates then you need to share it. Even you want people to laugh your jokes. And you can’t laugh with everyone. There are some special people in your life with whom you laugh at everything. These are the people with whom you get comfort. These are the people whom you love. If you lose these people you will forget what happiness feels like.

And finally, do not get trapped into the Illusion of Time.