Monthly Archive: August 2014


a quote on opportunity

Opportunity is a thing you always have. If you are breathing, you still have a chance to do everything you wished.


Have Some Faith

A few months ago I wanted to start blogging but I had no idea what I am going to write. I read some blogs, and I saw that all famous bloggers are writing for...


A Quote

Quote on Judging I  hate it when people judge me. That’s the reason I don’t judge anyone.


A quote on survival

Survival is necessary, but there is a lot more after that. If you go with the flow, may be you will survive. But, no one will remember you.



                   Many people say that I am arrogant. yes I am arrogant, and this arrogance comes because of my friends. Whenever I start counting my friends, the list never ends. And I am talking...