Monthly Archive: January 2015


Two worlds

I am trying hard, not to disturb the world outside me, because of the world inside me.


New World with New Things

                Let me tell you a story, after school, I came in Pune, and I got admitted in the best college of the city. I also got privilege to stay in college hostels. After...



When they say everything happens for a reason. I say everything happens for a reason.


chasing your destiny

Despite what your heart wants, always going for the easiest option available makes you less important for the nature. Taking the easier way to ensure victory is the mirage created by the world. Let...


worse time

By putting me in a worse situation, is God testing my strength? Or did he just make me realize how good life was?



                        When I was a child, everyone used to say, “You really got a BRIGHT future.” I wish I could have stayed in...



Attitude is not defined by what a person does, but by the how a person does. Friend- I do get better grades than you in academics, don’t you feel bad because of it? Me-...


A quote on doing ‘favors’

Favors are done because people need us. You don’t greet people just because you want greetings in return. In the same way, you must not do favors just to get another in return.