Monthly Archive: February 2015


Illusion of TIME

Illusion of time When a train besides you moves, you think you are moving. Sometimes same happens in life, we think we are moving forward and when its too late, we realize that time...


I don’t wanna wake up

       Many people has a fear of getting hurt in relationship or friendship, so they try to avoid those people whom they want to be with. Also many people don’t has the...


my firm belief

“My firm belief” must be your answer whenever someone ask you the proof of GOD. Many times in your life, you come across some words that completely changes your views on life. When I...


old people and new people

I am unable to find the reason, why I like to talk to close friend when I am happy, and why I search for new people when I am sad. This is the reason...



Sometimes we walk blindly on a path without its destiny. Without knowing it exists or not. #Relationships



Studying is like balancing yourself at the center of being awake and falling asleep.