I don’t Understand

I don’t Understand

                I am living in a generation where when people get sad they try to make new friends via social sites instead of spending time with the closed ones. They read about ‘how to make friends’ and ‘how to impress girls’ online instead of finding the answers by actually going on the field. I don’t understand what joy they will experience even when they hook up with a girl by learning online and practicing it. The real life is actually getting rejected and learning. I don’t understand why people now a days prefer online chatting over head to head talks. And most of the times they text their precious feelings instead of taking them to the most appropriate place and telling them and watching their actual facial expressions instead of waiting for emoji. I have seen people ignoring their friends when they come in front of them and sending them messages when they come online. I don’t understand why people try to use best words for their feelings to gain unknown followers. I have seen my friends submitting their notes to the teachers by ditching me like they are going to party together each weekends or after 10 year they will call the teachers and ask them for help.

                    I have heard people telling how they cheated in exams with proudness in their voice. I have seen people making fun of their friends behind their backs. I know people who say they haven’t studied for exams but still managed to get minimum passing marks. Wasn’t studying and being prepared was their job? They failed to do their part and do advertise it. I don’t understand why people feel so great while doing all these bad things and telling them to the crowd like they are some of the best things to do. Don’t they feel morally wrong when they do all the bad stuff and say it loudly! I know that we do many inappropriate things like bunking classes for our fun, but I don’t understand why people say that they are in defaulters list with arrogance like its a thing everyone should follow.

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  • Wrong things are very easy to do, but to do something good is very difficult. And obviously wrong things can be called as cool too but good things can never been seen by people. But one day they will see the good work and will appreciate.

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  • Great Post.. Thanks for Sharing !

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  • thanks alot for the compliment! I am glad you like it.

  • Somewhere the cultural values acquired has gone wrong.

  • Yup, the youth has intercepted the values incorrectly!

  • And we will bring that day soon 😉

  • "I don't understand why people try to use best words for their feelings to gain unknown followers."
    $o when you say you dont understand why "people",it suggests you being apart from the crowd,but on the contrary you as a blog writer fit very nicely into the dimensions of the the very trait of people which you dont understand. Acute contradiction folk.

  • Maybe not to gain followers, maybe to spread wisdom to more audience. And I think anyone who writes about society already keeps himself in the picture but as the one who suggests a change.

  • Where there is a "maybe",its not beyond reasonable doubt, Baby!. Why you no stir a pinch of surety in your assertive "cocktail"? And you "think",i mean no offence bruh but what you say you think and the lineament of certain words in your post suggest a change later but a massive ambit for multiple interpretations(can swing either way your content). Sometimes Words defy thoughts my friend,and here i am not doubting the credibility of your content nor am i alleging you to be a credulous blogger its just the applicabilty of the technicality while using certain words is what i am talking about. Baaki i perfectly understand what you wanna say and i am genuinely in concord with that,only pay heed towards wrapping your content with words less interpretative.#go deep#blogsolid.(in the end this is just what "I" think)