A string of false MORALS

Vikram Suryawanshi

I am Vikram Suryawanshi, I recently completed my engineering from mechanical stream. I like exploring things, and finding answers for how things works, scientifically as well as philosophically. I am currently working as a full time content writer.

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  • It's a complex situation where in I do all that work and improve my Career for the sake of my family which appears as prime important but if I make work and Career secondary paying primary attention to the family, no doubt the family is best cared for but with what back ground of that best care? An individual with a lower profile at work would naturally be giving less to the family where as thru' better attention at work, he/she would have given better to the family.. It's a tricky question.. Egg first or chicken first?

  • Well sir you added a new parameter to the topic, and you are right that this question has no perfect answer, and if we see this whole thing from money point of view, primary attention to work is mandatory, but if family needs more than money, I think equal attention to family is needed.