My first Best Friend

My first Best Friend

This is a story of my first best friend, no one can take his place because he taught me the meaning of friendship. We were together for 3 years, 1st, 2nd and 3rd class, I mean literally the beginning of my conscious life. As my dad was in army we used to travel different places, and at that phase of my life we were at the capital– Delhi. This is where I met Khuminlal. I do remember how we met in a very obscure way; one day I was going somewhere with my dad, he met his friend and he had his son with him, and they introduced us. He was from eastern part of India, Nagaland! And he didn’t know Hindi, so he couldn’t talk to kids. I used to teach him Hindi. Now the part I am really confused is how did I teach him? I mean I knew Hindi, but I didn’t know his native language, yes we both knew English of a very bad shape, but we still managed to understand each other. More than word we understood out of our expressions and emotions, it was like a mother who understands what her child wants to say when he doesn’t even start talking. Or, it was like when your friend is so drunk that he couldn’t speak, but understand what he is trying to tell exactly, (Of course if you are not drunk too). That was the first thing I ever learned, how to communicate!

I do also remember that we both used to learn Karate, a type of martial arts. And we both were very good at it, but I always avoided fighting him. Because he had very heavy bones, you know even in your group there must be a person whose bones are very strong, and when he/she hits you it really hurts. Even if they hit you casually the causality is very high, Khuminlal was among them. And he was very disciplined about Karate, when I used make fun of the moves of Karate, he used to get angry, and I used to maintain a distance between us and used to continue teasing him, he then used to run to beat me and I used to run to save myself from getting beaten up.

There are couples of more incidences that I remember, but I can’t remember anything before or after that. It’s like you remember that you performed something on the stage, but you don’t remember what you did before going on the stage and after stepping down from stage. Because of this you feel like you watched a movie or it’s not real but something like dream, just those incidents. Now because I remember multiple incidents and my parents also knew him and his family, I am confident than I am suffering anything psychologically.

I also think about why he was so special to me, I mean I used to be other guys too, but at that age why I liked to hang out with him. I don’t know what were are the reasons, but I know that he was is special to me. It’s like when you are watching a movie, you see the actor standing on the building and you know that he is going to jump, you have no idea why you felt that, but the important thing is you feel that. This is the same thing I tell my friends when they ask me what should they do to hook a girl up. You can’t do anything if the girl doesn’t experience something different while talking to you, and it’s not something that you can create, it just either exists or doesn’t exist. Same thing also happens in your friends circle, you hate a specific person without reason, you don’t know why but you hate the fact that he is in your group.

Back to the topic, after 3rd class, I moved to Maharashtra, and I don’t know about him, maybe he told me, but I don’t remember. I don’t remember how we planned to meet in future, I mean we both knew that we were going to go at different places, and we must have talked about that. But I have no clue what we talked. I just wish that out of somewhere, I meet him, I don’t know how that’s possible, but I feel like we will meet. When we will meet I will ask him about the things he remembers, I am sure that he would be remembering all the different things than me, and by listening to his stories I will definitely be shocked to know the things I actually did and knowing more about the relation we had at that age. And it would be so sad if we never meet, I mean there will come a time when I will precisely feel like that, this all was a dream.

I am thankful to Yaaron Ki Barat run this scheme, which gave me opportunity to write about my First Best Friend.