Ray Singh Ji: Working for Society with Full Potential

Vikram Suryawanshi

I am Vikram Suryawanshi, I recently completed my engineering from mechanical stream. I like exploring things, and finding answers for how things works, scientifically as well as philosophically. I am currently working as a full time content writer.

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  • Neeta

    Vikram Bhau great. Bhau i have no words to describe the wisdom which you have shared. Thanks a lot bhau

  • Sonal

    I must say vikram, through this initiative your contribution towards social development is a great work!! Good article

  • Pratik Jagtap

    Such a great personality Rai ji is… And Vikram …too good..write up and direction ..

  • It is always inspiring to know such persons.

  • Pranav Gurav

    Ray ji is Inspiration for everyone who knows hiqlkhim. ABVP Full Timers are Modern Day’s Swami Vivekanand.
    Nice article Vikram, keep it up.

  • Siddhant Kulkarni

    Vikram ji it motivated me aswell……thanks for writing such an inspiring article…..its social work too..

  • The working of our social fabric is beautifully explained by him. I believe working at the micro level helps in building the image at macro level. We must do our bit. If not like him, then small acts of kindness here and there.

    • Yes Saru, you are right. Most of us can’t totally give ourselves for society, but must do whatever we can!

  • Neeta Lad

    Great Vikram Bhau. The wisdom of Ray Singhji is known to many and thats y he is respected for. Ray Singhji has earned this respect due to his hard work so i salute him for doing that. Baki unko sab pata hai