To Hold On or To Let Go

To Hold On or To Let Go

Hold on at Precious Images of Life
To hold on or to let go

What to hold on and what to let go. When to hold on and when to let go. Are the questions that will determine everything in your life.

-Vikram Suryawanshi

It is very tricky to tell you what things you should hold on and let go, and when to do it. As, it totally depends on the time, situation and its importance in your life. So, instead I have written an area where you should focus on, to keep yourself happy and successful.

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  • When I was young my then boyfriend told me let your love free, if it comes back it is yours if not it was never yours. He OD’ed but the words remained. I let go what memories stay are mine, what I forget were not meant to be.

    • That is a great thing you believe in, at last memories are the only proof what happened to us! I mean yes, we can say photographs and written things are the proofs, but all they do is strengthen our memories!!!!

  • True. Our right choices make life better.

  • Mohuya Dey

    Really its very difficult to decide. The right decision will make your life better and the wrong will ruin it. But the biggest thing is choosing among them.

    • Yes…..and more importantly we when we go to other people for their suggestions, they suggest according to their experiences, these things make it more difficult.