To Hold On or To Let Go

Vikram Suryawanshi

I am Vikram Suryawanshi, I recently completed my engineering from mechanical stream. I like exploring things, and finding answers for how things works, scientifically as well as philosophically. I am currently working as a full time content writer.

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  • When I was young my then boyfriend told me let your love free, if it comes back it is yours if not it was never yours. He OD’ed but the words remained. I let go what memories stay are mine, what I forget were not meant to be.

    • That is a great thing you believe in, at last memories are the only proof what happened to us! I mean yes, we can say photographs and written things are the proofs, but all they do is strengthen our memories!!!!

  • True. Our right choices make life better.

  • Mohuya Dey

    Really its very difficult to decide. The right decision will make your life better and the wrong will ruin it. But the biggest thing is choosing among them.

    • Yes…..and more importantly we when we go to other people for their suggestions, they suggest according to their experiences, these things make it more difficult.