Live like it’s your first day

Live like it’s your first day

I read a lot of quotes about ‘Live life like it’s your last day’. But, whenever I read it, I feel like it’s a too desperate thing. Anyways, it totally depends on the situation and the things we are referring to. For example, if you are with a close person, then you must spend time with him/her like it’s your last time. But, if you do the same with a new person, I don’t think he/she will ever make efforts to see you again. Or, if you study everyday like you have an exam tomorrow, then it is good for you. But, if you consume intoxicants like it’s the last day. It really could be your last day.

I really apologize for giving these futile examples. But, I really think we should always take a pause and praise ourselves. And the things around us, off course.

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live like its your first day

┬áLive like it’s your first day

I think we should live like it’s our first day in this world. Not the last one.
To see every little thing with the curiosity as we are looking at it for the first time, and the enthusiasm as it is the beginning of everything.
Not with the affirmation of losing everything and the desperacy to do everything.