Life of a Graphic Designer in India

Vikram Suryawanshi

I am Vikram Suryawanshi, I recently completed my engineering from mechanical stream. I like exploring things, and finding answers for how things works, scientifically as well as philosophically. I am currently working as a full time content writer.

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  • Vinod Alhat

    So nice Blog Bro…I really like it…keep it up.

  • VijayKumar Dudhbhate

    Thank You Vikram.
    This article will be very useful for other artists/designers, and I think they can’t lose their hopes.

    Thank you so much again…

  • Well written.
    The feelings of a child who is just a lemon is so well put and so true it is.
    The struggles of a graphic designer are brought out well. Loved the part about teachers advice.
    Best wishes for future!

    • Thank you very much Kirti, I am glad that you liked it. I was scared to share the feelings of such a child, but now I think like it was not a mistake.

  • It was really nice to read this interview and the thoughts.. 🙂

    The wait part is always there!

    • Thank you Prakash, and yes wait par is always there, and I think it is the most difficult part!