Need of Motive in inspirational and happiness quotes

Need of Motive in inspirational and happiness quotes

Lately, I am observing that every other person needs some help to feel happiness and stay motivated. And today is the time when people google for inspiring quotes, happiness quotes, and motivational quotes. Well, this is far better than relying on the intoxicants. But, I think there are far better options than googling happy quotes, which I will write about some other time. A long time ago, I wrote a blog on determination. Today, I am writing about why Motive should be a part of your favorite quote.

Need of Motive

There was a time when I used to play cricket, rain or shine. Most of the time I enjoyed it, some of the time I didn’t. I was not very old or matured when I realized that, whenever I played to win, I undoubtedly enjoyed. But when I played because I habitually enjoy it, I ended up unsatisfied and unhappy.

That was the time I learned that, I need motive. Winning or losing won’t describe my satisfaction, but how hard I play will certainly do.

Today we all do most of the things to stay happy, which in turn has a negative impact on us.

Most of relationships starts for fun and because we never take to the next level, we end up with unsatisfied togetherness.

Most of the people switch their jobs to other organizations and sometimes to other fields, because they feel unsatisfied. Even when the environment around us doesn’t appeal us, we may survive their for a longer time, if we define what we need to achieve there.

In most of the happiness quotes, People say that – It’s all about journey and not the destination. But, there is no journey without destination.


Need of Motive in inspiring and happiness quotes


Motive defines your character, contentment, how you took your past, and the place you want to be in the future.

To make sure that people around you need to define their motive, share this with them.