Worst Scenes from Bahubali-2

Worst Scenes from Bahubali-2

Here are 2 moments from Bahubali-2 when we all went WTF!!


The first one is:

Worst dialogue from Bahubali 2 by Bhallala Deva

The worst thing about this Dialogue is, they are the last words from Bhallala Deva. We expected more Bhallala Deva!!


The the second scene is the legendary one, which proves that this movie is made in South!

Most stupid scene from bahubali 2 battle


Well, even though Bahubali-2 had some over dramatic scenes, we loved the movie for the same. Besides these 2 scenes, movie was perfect for me, share this with the people who think the same!


Originally I was going to finish this. But, I couldn’t stop myself from sharing my favorite scene from the movie…

Best scene from Bhaubali 2

Bahubali getting up for a comeback and the lyrics, and the music gave me goosebumps when I first watched it. I have this movie in my laptop and have watched this scene for 1000 times now. Sharing buttons must have appeared on your screens, share this if this is your favorite scene too…