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Falling apart quote

Falling apart quote: Right now, I feel like I am losing things that were important to me. Many of us do, many of times. I tried to hold them, just like many of us...


Why do we focus more on Luxuries?

Lets focus on need not greed #Gadgets are getting cheaper, crops are getting expensive. Just one of the million things that tell we are focusing more on luxuries than needs.   Editor’s note: Share...

Disasters and our beliefs 2

How Natural Disasters break our Beliefs

Our Beliefs and Natural Disasters We always believe that we are special, we have a destiny, and we are going to do something great. Our elders taught us this and great books teach us...


Live like it’s your first day

I read a lot of quotes about ‘Live life like it’s your last day’. But, whenever I read it, I feel like it’s a too desperate thing. Anyways, it totally depends on the situation...


To Hold On or To Let Go

What to hold on and what to let go. When to hold on and when to let go. Are the questions that will determine everything in your life. -Vikram Suryawanshi It is very tricky...


Strength LIES Within

  Strength Lies Within! Even this vigorous quote will alter into disputable one, when you realize that “LIE” has another meaning too.


I don’t Understand- 2

“It is incomprehensible how our believe in Destiny boosts as soon as we get hit by a major Failure.” There are many things that are very difficult to understand, and even you understand it,...