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Strength LIES Within

  Strength Lies Within! Even this vigorous quote will alter into disputable one, when you realize that “LIE” has another meaning too.


I don’t Understand- 2

“It is incomprehensible how our believe in Destiny boosts as soon as we get hit by a major Failure.” There are many things that are very difficult to understand, and even you understand it,...


Hidden One

  By taking different births at different places as different avatars, don’t you think God always wanted to teach us to Explore the World, have vivid Experiences and to Understand other Beings!


Knowledge is Responsibility

Knowledge gives you Responsibility If you know that something is wrong and you don’t react to it, you become the culprit as well. Read Knowledge is Curse to experience a new dimension to Knowledge.



The main problem is: Parents compare their child with the better grade child and the child compares himself with the lower grade children. The overall happiness of the society will be at its peak...


Everything is Permanent

What if I say: Every moment you lived, every person who came in your life, every dream you have seen will stay with you one or the other way!


The Real Man

If you are real man, don’t raise your voice in front of any woman, no matter what conditions she is in. And don’t let any man raise his voice in front of you, no...


Don’t Focus!

The only kind of time that we want should run faster is the “bad” time. And the only trick I know to make it happen is losing our focus from it! Plz do comment...


Help Them

We should Help Them because they need us. Not because we will need them. If you like reading more, please go to page Stories.