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Caste and Reservation

Today the lower caste people want to overlook the caste when it comes to marriage, but want reservation system. And general category people don’t want reservation system and consider caste when it comes to...


JNU issue : More than angry, We got Hurt

Constitution of India provides all types of freedom to its citizen and one of them is “freedom to speech”. Recently in Delhi, students of Jawaharlal Nehru University organized an event in which they expressed...


Intolerance in India

Off course India is becoming intolerant, but not against religious matter. Against unemployment, corruption and unemployment.


Help Them

We should Help Them because they need us. Not because we will need them. If you like reading more, please go to page Stories.


Inhumanity in Humans

In September 2014, the Jammu & Kashmir region was hit by heavy floods caused by torrential rainfall. The regions of Jammu and Kashmir in India, as well as Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and Punjab in...

Our Attitude towards GIRLS 7

Our Attitude towards GIRLS

We live in a society where a woman’s character and personality is judged by her attire and appearance whereas a man is judged by his words, actions and thoughts. Sad, but true. These lines...

who deserves to be the next PM? 0

who deserves to be the next PM?

Lets talk some serious stuff. This is election period and every Party is going to manipulate us, they are going to convince us in their own ways. Many people have decided that who they...