Hello everyone, I am Vikram Suryawanshi. I am a Mechanical Engineer but because of my passion towards writing, I started working as a full time content writer. I started this blog as a hobby, but I realized that like there are the infinite stars in the sky, infinite pebbles on the beach, infinite flowers in the garden, there are infinite stories to be told. This is my attempt to bring you those stories through this blog.

In this blog, I also share my own stories and the way I look at the things around, because I believe the most important thing we often fail to do is sharing.

People do often feel uncomfortable to share their feelings and beliefs. I do sometimes wonder about the Saints and Prophets who have gained the wisdom by meditating for years at the most peaceful places of the world. Why did they come back to the people if they had found the secrets of living? To share!

So, I am sharing my thoughts and my perception at this little piece of the Internet. I would suggest you all not to hold yourself back to share your belongings, your feelings and link of this blog with your loved ones!